Oneheat have been my preferred provider of underfloor heating in my wide range of architectural residences constructed over the last decade.

From large luxury multi-million dollar holiday homes to exclusive residences and more normal family homes in the Auckland area, Noel, Sheryl and their teams have provided the necessary technical advice to correctly prepare for their installations and are able to design the system in accordance with the customers needs.

By providing individual control zones throughout the homes, the home owners can choose the levels of heat in each zone appropriate for their individual needs.

Oneheat use the very latest up to date technologies in inverter heat pumps to ensure the most efficient systems are applied, which keeps operating costs as low as possible.

Oneheat installers have never ever held up progress on construction or finishing on my projects.  Given reasonable notification, they have always worked to the building program without exception.

My sons now run Biggs Construction Ltd and will continue to use the excellent services of consultation, design and installation that Oneheat provide.

Russell Biggs
Russell L Biggs & Associates Ltd


In 2008 we built a new 468 square metre home at Ramarama and contracted Noel Macnamara to fit an under floor heating system to the house.
The system was fitted exactly as required by Noel and has worked well ever since, the system has been serviced as needed and never had a problem.

In my view there is no better way to heat a house than with hot water in the floor, our home has never been under 19 degrees inside the house even in the worst winter mornings.

I am at present starting a new house and we will most definitely be fitting a Oneheat System as the cost of running it is very economical considering the size of the house.

Rob & Cynthia Walters


We choose Oneheat for our under floor heating, Oneheat are great to work with one of the best decisions' we made; warm feet, warm cosy home. Awesome.

Graham Coe ONZM
Retired Builder


Over many years Chillex and Oneheat Ltd have carried out many successful projects together.

Oneheat is an experienced sub-contractor in the mechanical services sector and provide us with expertise in the underfloor heating area. Oneheat have provided Chillex with design and build solutions and installation services. Oneheat staff are always very professional and easy to deal with.

Chillex would like to take this opportunity to thank Oneheat for their on-going support and professionalism in the market and look forward working together on many more successful projects.

Thomas Ngatai
Commercial Manager
Chillex Group